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Free Court Times for Teams 2015-16 v4

Susan Branam, captain
Linda Christeson, co-captain
Eloise Andrews – rules rep

B Division Roster

B Division Schedule

Heather Dudley, captain
Sherri Sacconaghi, co-captain
Sarah Sklar, rules rep

C Division Roster

C Division Schedule

F- Division
Amy Marks, captain
Barb Hart, co-captain
Kelly Buhlmann, rules rep

F Division Roster

F Division Schedule

G – Green-Division
Carilyn Alexander, captain
Cindy Dorado, co-captain
Dorothy Rodegerdts, rules rep

G-Green Division Roster

G-Green Division Schedule

G-Blue – Division
Nancy Kratochvil, captain
Carolyn Wiecks, co-captain
Julie Matthews, rules rep

G-Blue Division Roster

G Division Schedule

Judy Dauble, captain
Judy Meyer, Teresa Sciaocotti, co-captains
Diane MacDonald, rules rep

H Division Roster

H Division Schedule

I Division
Devrie Brennan, captain
Cynthia Barr, co-captain
Karen Beshears, rules rep

I Division Roster

I Division Schedule

Kyle McAvoy, captain
Patty Booth, Hitomi Tamura, co-captains
Marlaine Bartel, rules rep

J Division Roster

J Division Schedule